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Profi Fastigheter – Properties in focus

Profi Fastigheter operates active management and development of commercial properties with focus on Stockholm area.

Profi Fastigheter is a leading independent real estate private equity firm that has been active in the Swedish market since 2004. The investment portfolio currently amounts to approximately 400 000 square meter of commercial real estate. Profi adopts a value add strategy to real estate investing with a focus on active asset management and development of commercial real estate in the Greater Stockholm area. The organisation is vertically integrated with all business critical functions handled in-house by a team of 30 employees.  Profi strive to be a leader in sustainable real estate management and development, to the benefit our customers and the society as a whole. Profi is AIF-manager and is regulated by the Swedish financial supervisory authority (Fi).

To work actively with our properties is an important part of our philosophy. Our own staff is responsible for all key parts of our properties management in order to gain better understanding of tenants’ operations and business.
Customer satisfaction and sustainability are important to us, our goal is to constantly refine our properties by investing in sustainable materials, new technology and operational optimization.
We are actively working to develop and optimize our properties and land areas, the goal is to create building rights and increase the rate of exploitation to thus exploit a property or allow development projects.
To develop sites that contribute to sustainable urban environments is important for us, we make it through active dialogues and collaborations with partners, other property and will. We want to contribute to attractive places where people want to live and work.
We will contribute to a sustainable future and create sustainable buildings and environments in accordance with the Brundtland Commission’s definition: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.
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We own, manage and develop properties in Stockholm area