Profi Fastigheter is a specialist property investor and developer. We invest in local submarkets with strong growth prospects and acquire commercial properties with potential. We reposition and transform properties through active management and development. Our property portfolio has a total gross lettable area of approximately 500,000 sq. m and about 300,000 sq. m under development.

We execute on our investment strategy through our vertically integrated organization. Profi currently employs a staff of 35 that manages everything from property to investment management. We have been active since 2004 and consistently delivered a top tier track record with an IRR of 15% and 1,8x over 14 years. Our investors are highly reputable Nordic and European institutional investors.

We are not the same as other companies in our sector. We challenge conventions to find better sustainable solutions, for the good of our customers, our investors and the society as a whole. The manager is privately owned by the partners.

Square metres

We have a consistent strong track-record of creating superior value and delivering gains through active management, development and regeneration. We focus on opportunities where our size and expertise afford us competitive advantage and we are experts in managing property development and regeneration projects when they are as most complex.

In addition to working as fund manager we work with separate accounts and as local partner and advisor to our institutional clients. Since the start in 2004, we have raised a total of approximately SEK 6 billion in equity through closed-ended (value-add) funds. Our current AUM is SEK 7.0 billion, spread over three active funds and separate accounts.

Our returns have consistently outperformed both relevant peers and benchmarks. We are globally the 3rd most successful in Preqin’s “Consistent Fund Managers Performance” among 1000 peers and delivered an IRR of 15% and MOIC of 1,8x.

The fund manager, Profi Förvaltning AB, meets the strictest standards in terms of compliance and is regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen). We are compliant with the AIFMD. We also have authorization to perform discretionary management of investment portfolios on a client-by-client basis and authorization to provide investment advice within our markets.

We aim to deliver superior returns by unlocking hidden potential in commercial properties in the Greater Stockholm region. We invest in local markets with strong growth prospects and acquire properties with potential and unlock hidden value through active asset management and development. 

Market Research

  • Growth areas
  • Future infrastructure
  • Ongoing and future development

Asset Selection

  • Undermanaged properties
  • Motivated sellers
  • Low degree of exploitation and Change of use

Active Management and Development

  • Leasing
  • Operating efficiency
  • Concept development and Repositioning
  • Rezoning
  • Project development and joint-ventures
  • Sustainability and Certification

By engaging with local communities to understand their unique history, hopes and connections to an area, we get to know our sites intimately.

Examples of strategies:

  • Vacancy leasing
  • Improved tenant quality and duration
  • Operating synergies
  • Property branding
  • Sustainability rating
  • Repositioning
  • Concept development

Through our development model we create places that put a community’s needs and aspirations in focus. This leaves a legacy of long-lasting social and economic change for the communities in which we are active.

Examples of strategies:

  • Project leasing
  • Project development
  • Property development and rezoning
  • Larger regeneration projects
  • Joint-ventures

Profi Fastigheter strives to be a leader within sustainable property management and development. Profi Fastigheter aims to contribute to a sustainable future and create sustainable properties and environments for the long term in accordance with the definition of the Bruntland Commission: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

We have defined four strategic sustainable focus areas in our operations:

  • Sustainable property investment and management
  • Facilitating a sustainable environment for our customers
  • Sustainable urban regeneration and development
  • Lead by example in our own operations

Thomas Sipos
CEO, Partner
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Anders Sylvén
CFO, Partner
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