Profi Fastigheter is an independent property fund manager, specializing in active management and the development of commercial properties. Our property portfolio includes a total area of approximately 500,000 sq. m and about 300,000 sq. m under development. Our investment strategy is built with a geographical focus on the greater Stockholm area and is based on an approach of adding value. This is achieved through a vertically integrated platform, where all key activities are performed by our own personnel. Profi Fastigheter currently employs a staff of 35. We strive to be a leader in sustainable property management and development, all for the good of our customers, our investors and society as a whole.

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Our tenants are important to us, so we have chosen not to let anyone else manage our day-to-day relationship with them. That is what we mean by active management. Active management means that our manager is the tenant’s principal contact person for all issues. The exception is when a technical issue arises, in which case fault reports are made to our operations partner. You will find information on our properties, fault reporting, local area services, how we work on sustainability, contact and other useful information below.

Profi Fastigheter works actively to review and optimise use of the property portfolio. The goal in property development is to create building rights and increase the rate of exploitation in order to refine an existing property or enable development projects. Profi Fastigheter develops spaces that contribute to sustainable urban environments. We conduct active dialogues and partnerships in order to influence urban development in a sustainable direction. We strive to increase urban infill and maximise the potential of land use. Profi Fastigheter is an attractive partner for municipalities and regions in terms of sustainable property development. We contribute to attractive spaces where people want to live and work.

Since the start in 2004, Profi Fastigheter has raised a total of approximately SEK 6 billion in equity. We currently manage three value added funds with a total AUM of SEK 8.0 billion. Profi Fastigheter has a strong track record and has consistently outperformed both relevant peers and benchmarks. Profi Fastigheter is globally the 3rd most successful in Preqin’s “Consistent Fund Managers Performance” among 1000 peers.

The fund manager, Profi Förvaltning AB, is compliant with the AIFMD and regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen). Profi Förvaltning also has a mandate to manage portfolios of investments with mandates given by investors on a discretionary, client-by-client basis and to provide investment advice. One of our key attractions are the high current yield and quarterly payments to our investors.

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– Fund reporting
– Portfolio strategy
– Analysis/Transactions

Asset Management
– Property strategy
– Profitability analysis
– Investments in property
– Property development
– Strategy development

Property Management
– Financial reporting
– Group accounting
– Legal accounting
– Property accounting
– Lease administration
– Leasing
– Renegotiations
– Tenant relations
– Commercial project management
– Technical planning
– Procurement
– Authority compliance
– Sustainability services
– Energy optimizations

The goal of Profi Fastigheter is to be a leader within sustainable property fund management and development. Profi Fastigheter aims to contribute to a sustainable future and create sustainable properties and environments for the long term in accordance with the definition of the Bruntland Commission: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

We have defined four strategic focus areas in order to create a sustainable future with sustainable properties.

– Sustainable properties
A worry-free workday
Sustainable urban development
Individual sustainable operations

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